Soulmanのウラナミ『May Day is Lei Day in Hawaii』


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それに色々な花が咲き始める時期でもある。ハワイでは、5月1日のMay Day/メーデーは、”Lei Day”ともされているんだ。
May Dayはみんなレイを身に着けて、学校では日本の運動会のようなものが開かれる。





May Day is Lei Day in Hawaii

Howzit…Howzit…I always look forward to Golden Week in Japan because it is to me the start of summer. A time when outdoor activities start…my most favorite being BBQ. Also, this is a time when various flowers start blooming. In Hawaii, May 1st is referred to “May Day”. A while back it was also joined with Lei Day. So May Day is a day when people wear leis and also a time when schools have events similar to “Undokai” in Japan. Since all of Hawaii has these events, we made flowers out of paper, to not recklessly use flowers just for the event.

The saying in Hawaii is, “April showers bring May flowers.” But actually flowers are given and received all year round. Normally the tradition at work or among friends and family is to give someone flowers or a lei on their birthday. Also during high school graduation, it is a tradition of everyone you know to give you a lei…so at the end of the evening you are covered over your head with flowers. After using the lei we hang the best like ones to dry. Normally people don’t give Plumeria even though it smells good and looks good because it bruises easily, does not last long, and does not dry good. The normal lei is Tubbarose, Carnation, or Ti. For special events people usually give Ilima, Pikake, and/or Maili. Men are givin a mix of Ti or Maili with another strand like Pikake. I think of a special ceremony like a wedding whenever I smell Pikake or Maili. Ilima doesn’t have a smell but it is known as a royal lei (was once only worn by Hawaiian high chiefs).

Everyone has their favorite flower and lei. My favorite flower is Puakinekine and my favorite lei is ti rope lei with lantern ilima. Lantern ilima is larger than ilima and in addition to the orange color has more red hues.

Next time you are in Hawaii…make it a point to: 1. Find your favorite flower, and 2. Find your favorite lei.

Now…get out of the city and go catch a wave. And remember to support your local surf/ocean activity shop…. Until next time…”A hui hou…Malama Pono!!!