Soulmanのウラナミ『SpaceX と Falcon Heavyって?』


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これは、NASAの月面ロケットであるサターンV以来、最も強力な運用ロケットのことだよ。この日は、747ジャンボジェット機 18機分よりも多くの推進力を生み出すことができ、27基のエンジンを持つ超巨大ロケット「ファルコン・ヘビー」の初飛行だったんだ。
これまで 3回もキャンセルされて、この初飛行に来るまでに5年も延びたんだ。







さあ、とても寒いけど、外に出て波をキャッチしよう。近くのサーフ/マリンショップをサポートすることを忘れずにね!A Hui Hou, Malama Pono!(またね、お元気で!)

『What is SpaceX & Falcon Heavy?』

Howzit Howzit…I woke up this morning to the news that SpaceX had successfully launched Falcon Heavy. This brought back memories of the first Space Shuttle launch as a child and visiting the Cape Canaveral to see the Apollo Rockets. The last Apollo mission ended in 1972 then NASA shifted to developing the Space Shuttle as a step to develop reusable rockets.

Who is Space X? Space X is a private American aerospace services company that was founded in 2002 by Elon Musk with the goal of reducing space transportation costs and enabling the colonization of Mars. Elon Musk is the co-founder of Paypal, and Tesla (electric cars).

What is Falcon Heavy? It is the most powerful operational rocket to fly since NASA’s moon rocket, Saturn V. Today was Falcon Heavy first flight, it has 27 engines, can generate more power than eighteen 747 jumbo jets. The flight was delayed 5 years and almost canceled three times.

What is exciting about it? Today’s successfully flight showed that we now have a rocket that can take man out of earth’s atmosphere and ultimately to Mars. It was impressive to see the two rocket boosters return and land back on landing pads upright. SpaceX is a private company with contracts from NASA and shows that space travel can be done commercially. I’ve always wanted to visit space and this gives more hope that regular people may be able to travel. SpaceX has drastically reduced the price of space travel with two key concepts: (1) Reusable and optimized Equipment and (2) In-house development and production. Having everything done in-house reduces the inflated middle-man costs and increases product quality.

The coolest thing is that being a commertial company…everything has style…they even send Elon Musk’s cherry Tesla to space with Starman driving. Falcon Heavy is not on a course to Mars, to get to its closest point in October.

Maybe one day we may go on surftrips no only to other seas but to other worlds as well.

With that it is freezing cold now but get out and catch a wave. Don’t forget to support your local surf/marine shop! A Hui Hou, Malama Pono!