Soulmanのウラナミ『What’s your one thing?(あなたにとっての1つは?)』


Soulman:"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn." --Benjamin Franklin





僕は自分にとっての「1つ」はまだ確かではないけれど、何が自分を良いものにしてくれるかは分かっているんだ。問題を忘れさせてくれて、リラックスさせてくれる。仕事も頑張りたいと思わせてくれる。この 「1つ」は、波乗り、ダイビング、釣りや海で遊ぶ全てのこと。海から得られる活力は、言葉で表現することはできず、自分を蘇(よみが)えさせてくれるんだ。

それではまた! A Hui Hou, Malama Pono!

What’s your one thing?

Howzit…Howzit…I was a young adult when the movie City Slickers came out. This is a comedy which tells the story of an unhappy Manhattan yuppie on the verge of turning 40 who joins two friends on a cattle drive. I just realized that I am way over 40 now and find myself at the same stalemate. Most unforgettable, was the scene where the guide who was a wise and rugged cowboy named Curly gives guru advice to Mitch about how life is all about one thing and it is up to you to find what your, “one thing.”

Twenty-six years later and I am still trying to find my, “one thing.” A lot of motivational speakers use the, “one thing,” phrase to start their motivational talks. To find your one thing these are the things you have to do…yada yada yada…all are the same. I tend to agree with the famous author, Deepak Chopra, who says everyone is born for a reason and it is your task to find what it is and make it happen. Having different experiences in life by doing or studying will help you find your one thing.

I’m not sure of what my “one thing” is but I know what makes me feel really good. It makes me forget about my problems, and it relaxes me. Makes me want to work harder. This “one thing” is catching a wave, diving, fishing, or anything in or on the ocean. The energy that I get from the ocean is indescribable and it revives me.

With this get out of the city…catch a wave! And most of all, don’t forget to support your local surf/marine shop! A Hui Hou, Malama Pono!